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Arcanum by Enrico & Valerio Messa Mystique Factory

"This effect looks and feels like genuine mind reading. It's that clean. The amount of other effects I can think of applying this principle to makes this a...


Couple by Ivan Garcia - Tricks

Couple is a revolutionary effect -- you can perform it anytime and wherever you want. The magician shows a normal deck to the spectators. Then he draws som...


DAT Challenge Duplication by Jakob Smith - DVD

DAT Challenge Duplication is a Drawing Duplication from the young, creative and mature mind of Jacob M. Smith.

An answer to creating a fun, engaging and r...


Flavoure by Julio Montoro - Trick

Flavoure is an effect where two pieces of chewing gum change places in the spectator's hand.

It's a modern take on a copper and silver routine with an ord...


Infiltrate by Alex Latorre - Tricks

From the creator of Blistering, comes the best version of the coin-through-box that we have ever seen. If you are looking for a trick that you can always c...


Ripeating by Alex Latorre - Tricks

Ripeating is a stunning update to the classic moving hole effect, in which a whole missing corner moves on a bill.

Imagine removing, from your wallet, a ...


Thinking Inside the Box by Kyle Purnell - DVD

For years, man has been desperately trying to break the mold, and think outside of the proverbial box. With each attempt, man would take more and more step...