Professional Sands of Desert by Luis de Matos
Professional Sands of Desert by Luis de Matos
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Professional Sands of Desert by Luis de Matos


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Luis de Matos finally releases his unique version of the classic “Sands of the Desert.” What became his signature piece is now available to the professional performer through a very limited number of units.

The performer introduces the effect with a story about alchemy. On stage is a glass bowl filled with water. It stands isolated and high on a pedestal.

The first effect is that the water in the bowl turns black. Then three tumblers filled with colored sand are poured into the dark water; blue, red and yellow. The sand and water are mixed together.

The performer reaches into the water and pulls out a handful of blue sand. It is totally dry. The dry sand cascades from one hand to another before falling dry onto the stage. Red and yellow sand, both dry, are produced from the bowl in a similar manner. Finally, the dark water turns clear. And we are back where we started with a bowl of clear water.

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