PRO SECCO DLX by Gary James
PRO SECCO DLX by Gary James

PRO SECCO DLX by Gary James


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A complete professional production pack for flutes and small bottles it can also be used in reverse to vanish a glass also 100% no fear of the glass popping out so you can relax and get on with your performance.

  • Includes card base gimmick for the bag production
  • A lovely acrylic glass with seal and pull ring
  • Original Pro-Secco gimmick
  • Full online video instructions


“It is the easiest and most worry-free gimmick for this purpose that I have come across.”
Marc DeSouza, M-U-M Magazine

“The design and execution of the holder by Mr. James are excellent. It is exceptionally simple, silent, and practical, as well as durable.”
David Regal, Genii Magazine

“The glass literally puts itself inside the bag using this gimmick – it’s incredibly clever and is very deceptive. “
Paul Romhany, *Reviews Vanish Magazine

“Lots of possibilities with this. It is a very clever gimmick.”
David Penn, Wizard Product Reviews

Pro Secco Plus Deluxe is the kind of prop you expect from a pro. Streamlined, versatile, simple to set up prior to performing and does the job right. There’s also a multitude of ways to use the gimmick with glasses and bottles of various sizes. My highest recommendation.”
Bill Abbott

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