Pokeman Magic Trick
Pokeman Magic Trick
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Pokeman Magic Trick


A Pokeball playing card is introduced and placed in pocket. After a card is chosen and lost in the deck, the pokemon ball catches the pokemon and they both become 1 card… The PERFECT GIVEAWAY.


Earn up to 20 Points.

The PERFECT Give Away at your NEXT GIG.

IMAGINE… introducing a pokeball playing card. You say you will use this

later and you place it inside your trouser pocket.

A card is selected and a Pokemon of their choice drawn over the face of the card. This is then lost in the deck.

You reach into your pocket and remove your Pokeball card, and in the action of dribbling the cards onto the table you throw the Pokecard through the deck and it changes into THEIR CHOSEN CARD.

The Pokeball is on the back having caught it’s Pokemon!

VERSIONS 1: You will receive 2 gimmicked cards and video instructions on BICYCLE STOCK.

VERSION 2: You will receive (52 Pokeball/Faced) Cards and 2 x (Pokeball/Blank cards) on BICYCLE STOCK.

Comes With VIDEO Instructions

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