Plots & Methods by Michal Kociolek - Book
Plots & Methods by Michal Kociolek – Book

Plots & Methods by Michal Kociolek – Book


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Plots & Methods” is a forty-five page booklet, printed in a handy A5 format. In this booklet, you will find five card routines – an impossible-looking sandwich (with a super sneaky follow-up), an unusual card at a number, a card to impossible location, an incredible coincidence effect, and a great gambling routine.

45 pages, softbound.


“My only regret with this book is that I read it before having Michal show me the material. I know for sure a number of effects would have wonderfully fooled me!”
Pit Hartling

“I don’t know how Michal comes up with such good magic, and I’m really jealous. It’s like his mind works in a completely different dimension from the rest of us mortals.”
Harapan Ong

“Michal Kociolek is an innovative and creative thinker. I learned a lot from this booklet.”
Bob Farmer

“Such a lovely combination of methods in each trick; would be impossible to discover their workings.”
Tomas Blomberg

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