Phoenix (Red) - Sirus Magic & Premium Magic Store
Phoenix (Red) – Sirus Magic & Premium Magic Store
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Phoenix (Red) – Sirus Magic & Premium Magic Store

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The Premium Magic Store and Sirus Magic is happy to present Phoenix. The Torn and restored card on steroids!

When you picture most of the torn and restored effects you already know, usually the Magician does the tearing of the card, with four very carefully torn identically shaped pieces, brought together, slowly and carefully to restore them.

Now with Phoenix you can allow your spectators to absolutely shred and destroy the chosen selection into confetti like pieces, and you are still able to completely restore their card, using the catalyst of fire, and in a split second!

You weave a tale of mythical beasts, of Dragons and Phoenix. Using the carefully extracted tears of a Dragon, you are able to resurrect their chosen and destroyed selection in fire, leaving once again their chosen card whole again, like a Phoenix rising from the ashes.

With nothing left destroyed other than the receipt left in their hand, which of course matches exactly the restored rest of the card.

Comes with pre made gimmicks and Dragon Tears bottle so you can perform immediately.

“Sirus surprised me with my own trick. An amazing presentation, but not for the fainted-hearted.”
– Alexander de Cova

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