London Diffractor Silver Playing Cards
London Diffractor Silver Playing Cards
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London Diffractor Silver Playing Cards

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London Diffractor by VXD International and in collaboration with Lance T Miller, Vrijdag Premium Printing & Cartamundi.

This is the second edition in our city series, which will comprise a total of 10 cities, to be released one edition per year. After the success of the Vegas Diffractor project, which kicked things off in 2018, we bring you the London Diffractor in 2019.

This product features our patented transparent holographic design, an innovation which totally distinguishes us from any other playing card producer in the world.


Diffractor Playing Cards incorporate transparent holographics that are normally only seen on security and identity documents, such as your passport or drivers licence. The concept behind the technology allows the addition of a further layer of eye-catching custom holographic artwork over and above the standard playing card ink artwork, via carefully aligned and detailed transparent holographic foils, stamped (with heat and pressure) into the card front and back faces. The technology took over 8 years to bring to market from first conception, due to the complexities of combining the techniques used in security document printing with the traditional characteristics required of a deck of cards (such as texture, slip, snap and weight). All these key characteristics of a quality deck of cards have been painstakingly maintained and are un-compromised.

Four new detailed miniature artworks have been designed for the transparent holographics that are stamped into all the pips (diamonds, clubs, hearts & spade) in this London edition. For each of the 54 different card faces in the deck, a detailed CNC & laser-finished brass plate is manufactured. The production process necessitates extremely precise overlay stamping processes in order for the alignment with the standard playing card inks to be achieved. The patent is evidence that these are true pioneering steps in the playing card manufacturing world.

London transparent holographic Pips

Go ahead and add the ultimate flair to your deck-collection, poker games, magic tricks, or cardistry flourishes. Or just purchase this unique gadget for a lucky friend or loved one.

Available in:

  • Classic Diffractor
  • Ice Blue Diffractor
  • Emerald Diffractor
  • Gold Diffractor
  • Silver Diffractor

All versions are number-marked and extremely limited in production.

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