Ibidem Volume 2 by P. Howard Lyons - Book
Ibidem Volume 2 by P. Howard Lyons – Book

Ibidem Volume 2 by P. Howard Lyons – Book


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Ibidem, published and edited by Howard Lyons and illustrated by his pro-artist wife, Pat, was issued from Toronto, Ontario, Canada, from 1955 to 1979, and was the only notable magic periodical in Canada’s history. Ibidem was so far ahead of its time in the type of material it published, much of it still feels cutting edge. Ed Marlo, Alex Elmsley, Roy Walton and many other leading lights chose Ibidem to publish large amounts of their best work.

Michael Close wrote in Genii magazine, “As I have said before (but few people seem to be listening), some of the best card magic I’ve read is hidden in the pages of Ibidem.” Yes, the emphasis was on card magic, although puzzles and recreational mathematics also appeared frequently in its pages.

Ibidem was an anomaly: an intellectual magic magazine, leavened with a unique sense of humor and self-parody, with no equal in its time, nor to this day.

This second volume of Lyons’s widely acclaimed journal presents issues 17 through 28, and includes, along with the usual innovative assortment, special issues by Ed Marlo and Ravelli.

Pages 358 – Hardbound, Large-Format

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