FLASH WAND (BLACK) by Victor Voitko
FLASH WAND (BLACK) by Victor Voitko

FLASH WAND (BLACK) by Victor Voitko


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An instant disappearance or transformation of a magic wand into various objects! You are limited by the objects’ size and your imagination only!

Find your own effect with our incredible Flash Wand!

Here are only a few effects we suggest:

– Total disappearance of the magic wand
– Transformation into a small magic wand
– Transformation into confetti
– Transformation into a ball or cards for manipulation.
– Transformation into a drinking straw for a party
– Transformation into different fruits
– Wand’s color change

The Flash Wand can fade or transform into other objects instantly or slowly.


  • Fades quickly or slowly
  • Made of soft-coated metal
  • Length – 40cm, width – 3cm
  • Flash Wand is not only a trick itself, but also a great accessory for a magician.

This set includes:

Magic Wand – 1
Magic wand small – 1

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