Fall Transpo by SMagic Productions
Fall Transpo by SMagic Productions

Fall Transpo by SMagic Productions


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Here’s the game-changer version on the classic plot, Transpo.

Smagic proudly brings you: Fall Transpo

A fresh and modern touch on the classic Transpo effect. Imagine asking anyone, anytime, to select their favorite card. You tear their card into four pieces, and have them sign the index corner. The spectator’s signed corner is placed into a small, clear plastic bag. You introduce your own favorite card, which also is torn and placed inside a different, clear zippered bag. Then, visually, with a simple flick of your finger, the two corners magically and instantly switch places! You’ll love watching the Wow and Aftershock on the faces of your audience.

  • Easy to setup and perform
  • No special sleights involved
  • Includes instructional video

If you can flick your finger, you can perform this amazing effect – it truly hits the audience really hard! This is Fall Transpo. Grab yours now!

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