Dr. Schwartz's COINS by Martin Schwartz
Dr. Schwartz’s COINS by Martin Schwartz
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Dr. Schwartz’s COINS by Martin Schwartz

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Thanks to the ingenuity of Dr. Marty Schwartz his latest mechanical marvel Coins is now available to mystify and entertain your audiences.

Four half dollars and two plastic tumblers are displayed. One tumbler is covered with a handkerchief. Four half dollars are now dropped into the other tumbler and covered with a handkerchief.

You now gesture for the 4 coins to travel from one tumbler to the other. Each coin is heard dropping as it travels from one tumbler to the other. The timing is prefect with a five second delay between each drop. The hanks are removed and the coins poured out showing the transposition.

The precision made gimmick is small enough to palm in one hand, allowing it to come and go with the effect.

Comes with two tumblers, two hanks, precision gimmick and photo instructions. You must have this one!

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