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May 16, 2006 7:26 pm

Copperfield Gives Romeo Standing O

Mr. Copperfield considers himself a friend, colleague and fan of Quinlan's Inside Magic Fave Darren Romeo.  We understand Mr. Copperfield enthusiastically started a standing ovation.

The elder but still dashing magician was in the area — performing his
sold-out shows in Springfield, Missouri.  Proving he is like all of us,
even after performing, he still needed a magic fix.  The craving led
him to Romeo's gig.

Mr. Copperfield is touring with his outstanding An Intimate Evening of Grand Illusion show.  We harken back to the days of our former touring show, An Embarrassing Evening of Grand Disappointment.  No actually, now that we think about it, that was the title to our dating profile on MagicLove .Com.  

We understand this was the second time Mr. Copperfield attended the talented Mr. Romeo’s show. 

Mr. Romeo told our reporters, "I was truly honored to have Mr. David
Copperfield in the audience today. It is not often that one gets such a
pat on the back from someone who has changed the face of magic during
our lifetime. In my life, David Copperfield and Siegfried & Roy are
the biggest names in magic and to have their support is unbelievable."

Well said.  Quite an honor indeed.   

Mr. Romeo has been cast to appear with "Branson Landing" on June 16,
2006.  The multi-talented young man will serve as official spokesperson
for the launch of a $450 million mega-complex complete with residences,
retail shops, dining, recreation, entertainment and relaxation that
come together by the waterside.

It should be noted that $450 million is more than we make in two
months publishing Quinlan's Inside Magic; so that's quite a bit. 



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