Confab Shoe Lation by Richard Bellars and Tom Swift
Confab Shoe Lation by Richard Bellars and Tom Swift

Confab Shoe Lation by Richard Bellars and Tom Swift


Welcome to this superb new DVD from Frank Zheng. We are rsvp are extremely lucky to have been able to capture this magic on DVD as Frank is from Shanghai, China and managing to get this project shot was probably our hardest ever task!

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This is the effect that fooled the pants off Penn & Teller!!!

Richard has taken the confabulation plot to new heights of impossibility with their shoe reveal!

Richard has been performing Confab-Shoe-Lation in his stand-up act for well over a year and then decided it would be the ideal effect to fool Penn & Teller on national TV.

As soon as Richard showed his prototype I knew I wanted it under the Alakazam banner.

Richard has been a close friend of mine for many years. He’s a real creative thinker and a full time worker so you know his stuff is going to be practical to use in the real world!


Imagine your spectators can name any 3 items and you have predicted them correctly in a note that you have kept safe in your shoe from the beginning of the show.

On this DVD Richard Bellars and Tom Swift (who is the co-creator of the effect) take you step by step through every aspect of the effect, including how to create the gimmick with your own shoe.

Vegas Vacation

This is the routine Richard Bellars and Peter Nardi devised for Richard’s corporate shows. It’s a great 3 phase routine using an imaginary trip to Vegas as the premise. After your spectators have played 3 popular casino games you reveal your prediction from your shoe. The prediction takes the form of a $1 bill with all the scores written on the back.

*Please note construction is required and you will need to gimmick your shoe to perform Confab-Shoe-Lation*

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