Cloud Money (T-244) by Tenyo Magic
Cloud Money (T-244) by Tenyo Magic

Cloud Money (T-244) by Tenyo Magic


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A dollar bill floats out of your hand, and dances in mid-air – left and right, up and down. Finally it floats straight up, above your head. This “floating bill” effect is both effective and easy-to-do. The clever gimmick has been designed to enable you to take a bill from any country – U.S. dollars, Euros, etc. – and instantly make it float upward from your hands. At any time, you can show the front and back of the bill, and since there are no threads involved, you can perform this virtually anywhere and for any size audience – just inches away from your spectators. This is the ultimate floating bill effect, and it’s both easy and fun to perform.

Show the front and back of a bill.
The bill floats upward, away from your hand, into the air!
It moves freely in all directions, finally floating up toward your head!

English instructions included.

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