Close Up Performer

Close Up Performer



Transformer Chop Cup by Sean Yang - Trick

With just a cup and a ball, you can perform vanishes, reappearances, penetration effects, etc., with minimal knowledge of sleight of hand. That's probably ...



Cohesive by Kevin Li - DVD

"I hate gum tricks, but I love this one. I'm fooled." - Justin Flom

Nothing is more organic, spontaneous, or surprising to spectators than taking an ordi...



Final Load Ball Leather (5.7 cm) by Leo Smetsers - Trick

Unique leather final load ball.

Consists of one 5.7cm baseball and bag.

White leather with red stitching....



The Game (Gimmicks and Online Instructions) by Inaki Zabaletta - Trick


The Game is a complete treatise on The Three Shell Game. It comes with all you need to learn and perform this great guessing ...



Trick Soup (2 DVD Set) by Gary Jones and Chris Congreave - DVD

Trick Soup with Gary Jones and Chris Congreave. Double disk DVD!

Gary Jones and Chris Congreave (Automata) return to Full 52 with Trick Soup! A double DV...


The Real Deal by Landon Swank - DVD


Over 300 billion dollars is gambled away every year, and not all of it is lost by chance...

Card Sharping has been around for as lon...


The Ace Hut by Landon Swank - Trick

International stage Illusionist, Landon Swank, created The Ace Hut over fifteen years ago. He has performed it on 5 continents and in over 40 countries! Th...


Chop Glass (Gimmicks and Online Instructions) by Alan Hudson and World Magic Shop - Trick

CHOP GLASS - Created by Alan Hudson
The Chop Cup has become a classic of magic for stage and close-up magicians.
You can now perform this amazing effect ...


Fantastic 3 by Kris Rubens

"Open Prediction" is as simple and direct as it gets. You begin by placing a single prediction card onto the table. The spectator is then invited to select...


Cops and Robbers by Kris Rubens

Dr. Daley's last card trick is widely regarded as one of the most powerful close-up effects ever created. This classic effect has not only been given a fre...


Tac Tick (Gimmick and Online Instructions) by Victor Sanz - Trick

Tac Tick by Victor Sanz and World Magic Shop
New from the creator of INKACHANGE, Tac Tick is an incredible close-up illusion using a normal box of Tic Tac...


Ash Paper by the Other Brothers - Trick

The Other Brothers have done it again! In this commercial effect, the Other Brothers present a way to cause a prediction--of anything you like--to appear L...