Chinese Miser's Dream Henry Evans
Chinese Miser’s Dream Henry Evans

Chinese Miser’s Dream Henry Evans


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Here’s just one of the many effects possible with this incredible set of gaffed coins: The magician clearly displays two large (2 1/4″ in diameter) coins in his hand, places one into his jacket pocket and closes his hand around the remaining coin. When he opens his hand, there are three coins inside instead of just one! Again one coin is clearly placed into his pocket and the other closed around the remaining coins. When he opens his hand again, now there are four coins instead of just two!

Includes two sets (2 1/4″ in diameter and 1 5/16″ in diameter) of six specially crafted chinese “coins,” plastic holders and instructions.

This effect appears on Volume Two of Henry’s Something More Than An Illusion DVD/Video series

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