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Apocalypse Deluxe Set 4 Books (Signed and Numbered) by Harry Lorayne - Book

Apocalypse Deluxe Set 4 Books (Signed and Numbered) by Harry Lorayne - Book

Apocalypse Deluxe Set 4 Books (Signed and Numbered) by Harry Lorayne - Book
Apocalypse Deluxe Set 4 Books (Signed and Numbered) by Harry Lorayne - Book
Apocalypse Deluxe Set 4 Books (Signed and Numbered) by Harry Lorayne - Book
Apocalypse Deluxe Set 4 Books (Signed and Numbered) by Harry Lorayne - Book
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Added 17/01/2020
Manufacturer L&L Publishing
This is the deluxe collector's limited edition which was signed by Harry Lorayne.

This collection set includes:

Volumes 1-5 spanning from January 1978 through December 1982

Are you getting your money's worth? are you ever!!

720 jam packed pages--plus over 20 pages of indexes. Over 250 card effects, over 140 coin effects, 145 other items, plus articles and editorials!

Items by hundreds of contributors, including: Dai Vernon, Ed Marlo, Brother John Hamman, Ken Krenzel, Slydini, Frank Garcia, Derek Dingle, David Roth, Trevor Lewis, Paul Harris, John Cornelius, Bernard Bilis, Max Maven (and Phil Goldstein), Martin Gardner, Karrell Fox, Herb Zarrow, J.K. Hartman, Eddie Fechter, Gene Finnell, Bob Fitch, Richard Kaufman, Paul Gertner, Terry Lagerould, Sid Lorraine, Jeff McBride, Tom Mullica, Louis Falanga, Patrick Page, Larry Jennings, Roger Klause and many, many more!

Volumes 6-10 spanning from January 1983 through December 1987

720 jam packed pages--Plus 20 pages of indexes! over 265 card effects, over 100 coin effects, over 100 other items, plus articles and editorials!

Contributors include--Ed Marlo, Ken Krenzel, David Regal, J.K. Hartman, Michael Ammar, Larry Becker, Mike Bornstein, Tom Craven, Dan Garrett, Phil Goldstein, Larry Jennings, Jeff McBride, Jay Marshall, Juan Tamariz, Meir Yedid, Ascanio, Jeff Altman, Bob King, Martin Nash, David Ben, Bernard Bilis and on and on., and Harry Lorayne!

Volumes 11-15 spanning from January 1988 through December 1992

Illustrated by Robert Lorayne. Includes complete indices by effect, contributors, sleights within effects, and by issue. The Apocalypse series are bound versions of one of the top magic magazines of the 1980's. These volumes contain tons of close up material with cards, coins, money, and various other items. Each of the volumes is highly recommended.

Volumes 16-20 spanning from January 1993 through December 1997

With over 325 card and close to 70 coin effects, routines, ideas, and over 110 other effects with: bills, bottles, boxes, candles, card cases, business cards, keys, matchboxes, rings, roses, rubber bands, scrabble tiles, silks, spoons, balls, shoelaces, thimbles, wallets, gambling demos, sugar packet, book tests, chain loops - and more, Apocalypse #4 continues in the tradition of volumes 1, 2 and 3.

The card items in #4 include: An Ace of a Routine, Best Lie Detector, Connect Four, Quick And Direct, Spectator Guesses Better, Expert Full Deck Overhand, Fabulous Change, Royal Poker Deal, Three Before, Three Proofs, Collector's Addition, Heavy Breather, Lightning Aces, Memory Man, My Second Keeper, Amazing Commute, Daredevil's Match, 'Killer' Poker-Deal Demo, Perfect Match, Cheek Turner, Heat, Houdini's Hand, Many Faces of a Woman, Twister, Variations And Additions, and on and on.

The coin items include: Essence of the Coin, Coin In Bottle, Swirl Assembly and Backfire, The Magic Coin, Coin Explosion, Bottle Piggy Bank, The Ambitious Coin, Bounce-Back Sleeving, Curious, Watch It!, Sweet Ten, Cointrol, None-Ahead Matrix, Off On A Bender, Wow!, Copper/Silver Triple Play, No-Table Coins Across, Numismatic Nightmare, Coin-Roll Vanish, More Direct Than Ever, Cent From Hell, and on and on.

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