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A Card Merely Thought Of by Molim El Barch video DOWNLOAD

A Card Merely Thought Of by Molim El Barch video DOWNLOAD

A Card Merely Thought Of by Molim El Barch video DOWNLOAD
A Card Merely Thought Of by Molim El Barch video DOWNLOAD
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Added 14/07/2020
Manufacturer Molim El Barch

The Think A Card plot. Astoundingly early origins and examples of this plot are:

- Reginald Scot - To tell one without confederacie what card he thinkth, in The Discoverie of - Witchcraft (1584). Which was most likely contributed by John Cautares.

- William Hooper - The Card Thought on per Force, from Volume 4 of Rational Recreations (1774)
Robert-Houdin - The Card Thought Of, in The Secrets of Conjuring and Magic (1877).
- Bob Hummer - Mind Reader's Dream (1952)
- Dai Vernon - Out of Sight - Out of Mind, in Dai Vernon's More Inner Secrets of Card Magic
(1960). Search also for "Think A Card" or "The five card mental force" by Dai Vernon.
- Ed Marlo - Mental Topper in New Tops, Vol. 6, no. 4, April 1966.
- Ed Marlo - Marlo's Mindreader
- Paul Harris - Think of a Card, in The Magic of Paul Harris (1976) and Book 1 of Art of Astonishment (1996).
- Ray Kosby's - Deep Thought also in Book 1 of Art of Astonishment (1996)
- Derek Dingle - The Complete Works of Derek Dingle(1982).
- Bob Farmer - Tsunami (1987)
- Ralph Hull - Supreme Mental Discernment
- Howard Albright - Super-Psychic Mental Effects
- Al Koran - Al Koran's Prediction Deck
- John Scarne - Think-A-Card
- Paul Curry - Think of a card or, Sealed Miracles
- Jon Racherbaumer - Topping Mental Topper, in Cardfixes (1990)
- Jon Racherbaumer - First issue of Antinomy Magazine in "The Artful Ledger"
- Roger Crosthwaite - Thesaurus
- Roger Crosthwaite - in Arcadia, Think A Card (1999)
- Dani DaOrtiz - The Fan-force
- David Berglas - The Berglas effect
- Thomas Baxter - A Card Merely Thought Of
- Richard Osterlind - Miracle Thought Projection in Dynamic Mysteries
- Milt Kort - All Outs Think of a Card in Ron Bauer Private Studies No. 19 (1997)
- John Bannon - Ak47

Progressive Anagrams or similar thoughts:

PA's probably started with Henri Decremps in 1785, Le Cygne ingénieux. But there are also mentions of a man named Stanley Collins and a date back in the 1920's.

Note: Not all of the following mentions are routines with anagrams. Some here I mentioned, because they are very similar to the idea and/or very good mind-reading products that helped me to get to where I am with my routine today.

- Michael Murray - Isolation
- Peter Turner - Isabellas star
- Max Maven - Contimental
- John Mahood - K.E.N.T.
- Atlas Brookings - The Prodigal
- Kenton Knepper - Kolossal Killer, Mind Reading
- John Mahood, puplished by Knepper - K.E.N.T.
- Joshua Quinn - Paralies
- Patrick Schlagel - Mnemosign
- Doc Dixon - Double Duty, in MonkeyShines, Vol. One
- Jerome Finley - Thought Veil
- Armando Lucero's - "Empanada" routine
- Dr. Richard Wiseman - The Eyes Don't Have It
-William Larsen Sr. - Out to Lunch Principle, "Finger Prints"
- Alain Nu - Hardcore Mentalism
- Atlas Brookings - The Prodigal
- Atlas Brookings - Penguin Live Lecture
- Ran Pink - White Room

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