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Alice in Wonderland Playing Cards

A fully custom deck, illustrated with characters from Lewis Carroll's iconic "Alice in Wonderland". The cards are designed in a way that covers almost all ...


Basic Contact Juggling by Brian Erle & Will Roya - DVD

Learn the basics of contact juggling with professional Brian Erle. This hypnotic and meditative art form has been featured in movies and on TV. It can be performed with almost any ball, even an orange...



Bloodlines Playing Cards

From creator Billy French:

As a professional designer and an amateur magician, this is my dream project. I've been collecting cards myself for several ye...


Butterfly Balloon Kit (35 balloons + sticker) by Will Roya - Trick

Balloon Artist Butterfly Kit.

Includes 35 balloons, stickers and instruction sheet....


Out of stock


Chicken Playing Cards

This chicken-themed deck is ideal for your favorite game of cards, to perform magic tricks, as a colorful cardistry deck or as a unique piece for your card...


Clown Mini Balloon Column (34 balloons H110cm )by Will Roya - Trick

Balloon Artist Clown Kit.

Includes 34 balloons, accessories and instruction sheet....


Diabolo Instructional DVD Will Roya

With Special Guest, Brian ErleLearn the basics of the diabolo and also advanced tricks including an introduction to two diabolos. Diabolo (Di-ab-o-lo):
n. An old game or sport (revived under this name...


Dual Action Compact Pro Air Pump for Balloons by Will Roya - Trick

Dual Action Compact Air Pump for balloons.

Color may vary....


Easy Card Magic by Will Roya - DVD

Are you ready to pick up an ordinary deck of cards and accomplish amazing miracles with little or no practice? Professional Las Vegas magician Will Roya is ready to show you how in a clear, concise, a...


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Entertaining With Balloon Sculpting (S. Frank Stringham) - Volume 2 - DVD

Expert balloon sculptor and Las Vegas performer S. Frank Stringham is ready to take your skill to the next level with some of his favorite intermediate multiple balloon figures. Besides entertaining y...


Entertaining With Balloon Sculpting (S. Frank Stringham) - Volume 3 - DVD

S. Frank Stringham is back to teach you the techniques of weaving, his favorite balloon toys and how to make letters and numbers. Weaving is one of the most advanced balloon skills that will allow you...


Entertaining With Balloon Sculpting (S. Frank Stringham) - Volume 4 - DVD

Hats and Cartoons are some of the most requested figures for the working balloon artist and S. Frank Stringham shares some of his favorites with you. From a basic flower hat to a 13 balloon elaborate ...