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Tube by Jason Messina - Book

Tube by Jason Messina - Book

Tube by Jason Messina - Book
Tube by Jason Messina - Book
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Added 27/05/2008
Here's just some of what's possible with the TUBE system:

You meet someone at a party, and explain that you had a dream about them a month ago. You write something down on a piece of paper, fold it up and hand it over. It could be put in an envelope or hung from the ceiling. YOU NEVER HAVE TO TOUCH IT AGAIN.

You explain that your dream had something to do with a book. You hand them the book and they turn to ANY PAGE they want. The book is completely normal. No duplicate pages, no forcing of page numbers, no peeks. They begin reading from that page and you looked stunned. You refuse to have them open the paper. It's just too strange....

The paper is finally opened and there is link to a YouTube video written down. You never touch the paper, nothing is switched, no double writing. When they go to your YouTube page there is ONE video, clearly uploaded a month ago. The video shows you sleeping in bed, then violently awaking and talking to the computer. You tell the camera that you just had a dream and start describing the scene from the book that your friend just read out loud.

I've done this and people start screaming and beg to have the video turned off. It's that powerful. And the video REALLY was uploaded a month ago to YouTube!

Here's another quick one:

You mention that the ghost of a dead celebrity has been following you. Have someone close their eyes and try to get the impression of who that dead celebrity might be. They close their eyes and start describing their impressions. Finally they name who they think the celebrity is and go to your YouTube video (the only one and it was uploaded a week ago!). There is a video of you talking about the same dead celebrity. Or you could be possessed by the celebrity or watching a movie with them in it or ....well you get the idea.

For more conventional means, you could have someone think of a card and you reveal it on video. Again, you write down the YouTube link to your video beforehand and it's the only video there, uploaded well before the performance date.

Now you can duplicate drawings, predict future events, read minds and even travel in time with the greatest of ease.

This will be in booklet form, contents include:

History (How I came across this devious little principle)

Multiple Methods (There are different methods for different performing situations, each one described in exhaustive detail)

10 Effects (Ten different effects possible with the TUBE system, explained in full detail with complete handlings)

Presentational Ploys (Ideas to get you started on creating your own brand of interactive miracles with the TUBE system)

Tips/Tricks/Additional Handlings (Everything you need to know to make this a reputation maker for you and some added ideas to spark your creativity)

QuickStart Guide (A guide to getting started immediately on using the TUBE system, even if you've never used any sites like YouTube, I'll guide you through the entire process of setting up an account and uploading a video. It's a cinch!)

Bonus Effect: E-Prophecy (This handling of the TUBE principle is super sneaky and highly effective way to predict someone's thoughts using email. Again, you never touch the computer and your prediction is made in advance of their selection.)

Pages 27 - Saddle Stitched, 8 1/2" x 11"
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