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Appearing Rubiks from Tora Magic

Do you enjoy visual magic that causes your audience to scream out loud? Well, listen to THIS! The magician shows an empty paper bag. Next, he reaches in an...


Automatic Appearing Candle (2 PARTS:GIMMICK AND DVD) by Tora Magic - Trick

Quick and Visual!

The magician shows a candlestick to the audience with a candle in it. He lights the candle and then he takes the candle from the candles...



Back of Glassy Cube by Tora Magic

Vanishes, Transformations, and Mysterious Appearance - This trick has got them ALL!

First you show two glassy boxes to the audience; one contains what lo...



Back of Tora Cube (Handcraft Antique)

Magic and Audience Participation together!

This one's great fun, because your audience is constantly telling you what to do. Yet, when you do as they ask...



Christmas Eve Box by Tora Magic

The magician shows what appears to be an absolutely empty box and makes sure the entire audience agrees that the box is totally empty. Magically, the magic...



Coin Bucket (3 Times) by Tora Magic

Show the audience a common empty bucket. Then, with a magical movement, a coin appears in the bucket. Again, you show the bucket to be empty and even more ...


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Color Changing Dice (4 Wooden Die) - Trick

Get spontaneous applause and WOW's from your audience!

Show a giant white die on all sides. Place it into a box. Take it out of the box, and it is now RE...


Dove and Fire Book (New Model) by Tora Magic

The magician opens the book and shows the pages empty to spectators, as he starts to close the book, suddenly it bursts into flames!
The magician closes th...


Fire Book by Tora Magic - Trick

Produced and Designed by Tora Magic Company

An astonishing item! Can be used both in grim or funny programs. Open an ordinary text book, while reading a c...


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Fire Torch by Tora Magic - Trick

This is an unbelievable item designed and produced by Tora Magic Company

Place the head of your assistant inside the box which just you showed it empty to...


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Flower Bouquet From Silk by Tora Magic - Trick

Here's an extremely magical production that your audience will love!

The magician walks onstage with several large, brightly colored silks hanging from h...


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Flower Frame by Tora Magic - Trick

Another amazing flower handcraft beauty!

The magician displays a framed picture of beautiful flowers in a vase.

In a blink, the picture is no longer a ...


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