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Casino Cut Card by Thom Peterson - DVD

More fun than a barrel of Pit Bosses!
(If that's what you're into)


The Magician shows cut card. A cut card (you explain) is used to determine where to cut a deck of cards in blackjack. Three...


£11.00 HALF PRICE!

Snap Shot by Thom Peterson - DVD

A True "No Camera" Trick


A card is looked at and remembered. Three Pieces of "photographic paper" (which bear an uncanny resemblance to double-black cards) are introduced. One of the three p...


Sucker Punch by Thom Peterson - DVD

Magic that will knock the wind out of your audience!

9 Great Sneak Attacks To Daze And Amaze!

Lemonade Racket:
A great stand-up piece where you produce a lemon, a full glass of lemonade, and then a ...


£15.40 (save 49%)