Straight 'N' Wild (POKER - Small) - Tricks

Straight 'N' Wild (POKER - Small) - Tricks

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Added 26/07/2007
Manufacturer Magic Inspirations
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Four Bicycle cards are shown as part of a straight flush (Ten, Jack, Queen and King of Diamonds) with the fifth card being a Joker completing the straight as a Wild Card. The cards are coalesced and turned with the back facing the volunteer. The volunteer thinks of any card from the spread. The magician removes one card from the spread and places it down on the table. The volunteer names his card (say, the Jack of Diamonds) and the magician turns over the card to reveal the Joker. Since the Jokers are wild, the magician's prediction is correct. Then all the cards are tossed one at a time face up on the table revealing that all are now Jokers!

Comes with 5 Bicycle Joker cards, gimmick card, paperclip and instructions.
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