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Empathy Book TestEmpathy (English Edition) by Ed Stein - Trick

Exceptionally well thought out and executed. This is a beautiful book that is Smyth Sewn Bound, a hard copy book, with gold embossing. The book it titled: ...


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Mentalism From Copenhagen - Dennis Hermanzo - Book

Mentalism from Copenhagen - New Routines with Classic Ideas by Dennis Hermanzo. This is a book several years in the making. The concepts are clear, concise...



Mentalized by Dennis Hermanzo - Book

"A wonderful compilation of easy-to-perform, direct effects. It is easy to see that these have indeed been used in real time situations and not just a seri...


Real Secrets by Adam Milgate - Book

If you want to make your magic better, or even break into full-time professional magic, this book will help. It starts by asking a simple question:

What i...