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Color Touch by Stephane Bourgoin - Trick

A multi-phase color changing deck and box routine.
The magician removes a blue deck from a blue box. A spectator chooses any card from the blue deck The freely chosen card is shown to be the only red-...


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Comedy Helper 2 by Stephane Bourgoin - Book

Over 250 jokes, cartoons, gags, visual stunts and one-liners especially for magicians and mentalists! I have a deck of 52 cards. I counted them in front of a mirror to make sure I didn't cheat! To me,...


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Comedy Helper by Stephane Bourgoin - Book

This booklet contains over 200 jokes, cartoons, gags, visual stunts, and one-liners custom made for magicians and mentalists. These special hints and comedic gems will tighten up your act and make you...


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Sharp-Ring by Stephane Bourgoin and Patrik Kuffs - Trick


"I now use it everytime I work and it is a great routine. If you ever work with me ask me for a demo, I will always have it on me. Great thinking."
- Martin Sanderson

Imagine this! You borr...