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Magic Shop UK for Magic Tricks - Card Tricks - Playing Cards


A collection of amazing magic tricks, all discounted for a limited period only... So make the most of it!


BreakAway Wand

This is perfect for the Kids entertainer.

You get a kid on stage to help out with a trick, but before you do the trick, you mention a very special wand, that means a lot to yourself. You bring out the wand, and ask the kid if he will take great care of the wand, as it means so much. This is acted a lot, and then you give the wand to the kid, but wait !!!, the wand has broken into many pieces, only held together by a bit of string. A LOT OF LAUGHTER USUALLY HAPPENS AT THIS POINT! You take the wand back, and fix it, and trust the kid a 2nd time to hold the wand.


Card On Ceiling - Michael Ammar

Watch your spectator's eyes pop completely out of their faces, as their SIGNED and selected card appears on the ceiling way above their heads!


Dynamic Coins

Magically Produce a stack of 10 pence pieces. The coins then proceed to Vanish, Multiply, and even penetrate SOLID BRASS!

Perfect for the beginner in magic... Really Easy


Expert Card Technique by Jean Hugard and Frederick Braue

In this definitive work on card technique, step-by-step instructions teach you the correct methods for the basic manipulations and the more advanced flourishes, and only then allow you to learn tricks.


Healed and Sealed 2.0 DVD Anders Moden

An opened, emptied and crushed soda can slowly and visually heals itself, returning to it's original state-the hole in the top even magically reseals itself closed! To top off this mind-blowing routine you can even open the can with a pfzzzt! and pour the contents out into a glass!


Tom Thumb - The Worlds Smallest INK Thumb Writer

THE WORLDS SMALLEST INK THUMB WRITER The "Thumb Writer" moves into the new millennium.