Rare Magic

Rare Magic

Rare Magic
Here you can find a collection of rare and unusual magic tricks from around the world, including magic tricks and escapology from David-De-Val and Jeanie Products.

You will not find most of these magic products ANYWHERE else so they are ideal to make your show unique.


Spirit - The Cleanest Silk Vanish by David De-Val

The finest silk vanish EVER INVENTED - The performer with jacket sleeves pulled well back displays a beautiful pure silk handkerchief...


The Clarity Box by David Regal - Trick

Card to canister... with a clear difference.

When unveiled at The Magic Castle, magicians returned over and over to watch the moment that seemed impossible... when a card that had been isolated withi...


Appearing Mini Magic Wand

This incredible little wand shrinks to the tiniest of sizes, and can easily be hidden in any hand. Then on the magician's command a whopping 50cm wand appears! Simply wonderful quality and with care will last a long time... but then again they're so cheap it won't hurt the bank to buy more!


Amazing Bundle of Magic Tricks SET 1

This AMAZING bundle of magic includes some of the best magic tricks for QUALITY and ENTERTAINMENT VALUE, all at a price SECOND-2-NONE!

Inside are tricks that can EASILY be performed by a TOTAL BEGINNER to magic, and yet PACKS A PUNCH of professionalism that will nock your spectators socks off, whether it's an audience from a professional gig, or your friends at the pub!


Bendix Bombshell Wallet by Dave Bendix and Martin Breese - Trick


"If the wallet were not enough Martin gives you a fantastic book incorporating lots of great routines and idea by some of the greatest names in magic. Needless t...


Practice Handcuff - HC-11

For those interested, the SouthOrd Practice Handcuff reveals the locking mechanism of the standard handcuff, and allows the user to understand its strengths and weaknesses. Includes one key.


Lockpicking for the New Millenium DVD-2000

Do you want an action packed, no frills video filled with the most up to date information about locks and security available? Then this video is for you! Learn how to open pin tumbler locks, tubular locks, sesamee locks, defeat mushroom pins, and much much more! This a must see video for any lock enthusiast.


Double Locking Hinged-Type Steel Handcuffs - DLC-2

Handcuffs can get quite expensive. Not sure why. They all use the same type of locking mechanism. They all use steel construction. They all work for their intended purpose. Go figure. Double locking.


Sorcerer Scimitar thru Arm

Shocking Illusion No Blood Used

Display a metal Scimitar with a large shiney blade & begin to rub it on your forearm

The Scimitar penetrates halfway through you forearm! The blade is halfway through your arm! Finally the Scimitar is withdrawn from the arm and shown once again.

Of course your arm is also shown unharmed.


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Jumping Gems Mahogany Rich Hill

Gems appear and disappear on the mahogany rod. As a climax to the routine, one of the rods becomes filled with gems! This is a MUST for the professional close-up performer, and a GREAT trick for beginners to learn!


At the Card Table by Darwin Ortiz 1-3 DVD Set

Three volumes of superb, elegant cardmagic based on the best- selling book,At The Card Table.

If you loved Darwin's recent best-selling three-volume set of videos entitled CardShark, then you are in for a real treat here. Darwin is back "at the Card Table" to perform and explain the best of the best from his book, At The Card Table. This three-volume set of videos incorporates new ideas and improvements to the book's original material, effects that Darwin has used to make a living as one of the world's foremost sleight-of-hand experts with cards.


New Incredible Thumb Strap

The thumbs are securely fastened with a leather strap and buckle by a member of the audience. Now the Magic begins as you proceed to do the impossible, catching hoops (thrown by a spectator) one at a time on your arms - even though your thumbs are checked and found to be still well and truly fastened. And, not only that, you can even pass your tied thumbs through the backs of chairs, peoples arms etc. etc.