No Card Tricks by Jay Sankey - DVD

No Card Tricks by Jay Sankey - DVD

No Card Tricks by Jay Sankey - DVD
No Card Tricks by Jay Sankey - DVD
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Added 19/11/2007
Manufacturer Jay Sankey Magic
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10 Drop Dead Routines including Jay's acclaimed "Quest For Fire" matchbook routine (plus the gimmicks!)

This best-selling DVD features 10 outstanding effects with rope, coins, bills, matches and even silly putty!
  • Quest For Fire
    A red and white matchbook change places three times, the last time in the spectator's own hands! Lethal, and so darn easy!
  • P.O.S.H.
    A marked coin mysteriously travels from the magician's fist to his pocket. Not once, but twice! The innovative handling is guaranteed to make you smile!
  • $100 Bill Switch
    Featured in Jay's walkaround work for over a decade, you know this borrowed & signed bills effect is gonna seriously rock the house!
  • The Poke Vanish
    The best wooden match vanish on the planet. It not only looks amazing, but it feels amazing too.
  • Hot Knot
    Jay's been polishing this "insanely direct" routine for years!Perfect for both kid shows and adult performances.
  • The Drop Switch
    Created as a superior alternative to the ultra-commercial BoBo switch, this "moveless" & utterly undetectable switch is for serious coin workers only.
  • Gimme Five
    Produce five wooden matches, one-at-a-time, from your obviously bare hands. You will not believe the set-up. Crazy, man.
  • The Hypnovanish
    The Holy Grail of coin moves. A total vanish of a borrowed coin (both hands shown both sides) followed by an immediate reappearance! And yes, you can do it in the nude. Weirdo!
  • In Vitro
    The impression of a spectator's key moves from one blob of silly putty to another (thanks to a very commercial handling!) Perfect for walkaround
  • Strange & Stranger
    A miracle inside miracle. Almost too powerful an effect. An application of the $100 Bill Switch that truly takes it to "the next level."
Running Time Approximately 65min
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