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Misc Accessories

Misc Accessories

Misc Accessories
Magic Accessories that do not fall under any specific category


Cipher Deck UPGRADE for Guaranteed Jackpot Customers



Cipher Deck UPGRADE for Guaranteed Jackpot Customers

Purchased Guaranteed Jackpot by Mark Elsdon and looking for the Cipher Deck UPGRADE Pack? Then Here it is. For just 10 pounds you get 8 routines on PDF by Mark Elsdon, plus 100 Minutes of video tutorials and 3 bonus effects!


Bill To Marker by Nicholas Einhorn - Trick

This is it! It's simple, elegant, and UTTERLY BAFFLING. A spectator signs and loans you ANY bill. It vanishes and reappears INSIDE THE MARKER THEY SIGNED I...


Pocket SansMinds Sharpie (DVD and Gimmick) by SansMinds - DVD

In 2013, we created a game-changing 3 in 1 sharpie marker for magicians' every day use. It allowed you to perform impossible ink moving effects on the fly....


Out of stock

Epic Writer by MagicWorld


"I love the Epic Writer... It's the best I've seen. A real winner!"


Flash Deck Switch 2.0 (Improved / Red) by Shin Lim - Trick

*Note: this is the second and improved version of flash deck switch. This gimmick comes in Bicycle Red Tuck Box. *

Have you mastered the art of performin...


Out of stock

Ninja Plus Deluxe Set Black with 5 DVDs and tons of extras

This complete set let's you join the 4 rings together as well as performing Ninja+.

Not only do you receive all of the rings, you also receive all the DVDs, The Linking Rings Guide as well as Ninja+ Volumes 1-4, along with tons of extras!

This is the ultimate set.


Epic Writer Pen Refills

Although the Epic Writer will take almost any pen nib this is one we recommend as it fits the epic writer's barrel perfectly... and it's cheaper than most pens you will buy in shops!


Sharp This by Vanishing Inc - Trick

"Sharp This" is a custom-altered Sharpie that allows you to draw a line on anything or anyone, and then magically make it vanish. Draw on your own face, ac...


Out of stock

Triple Vectra Elastic Thread Steve Fearson

This is the strongest Invisible Elastic Thread on the market and because it's triple vectra it can also be stripped into yet a further 3 thin and yet incredibly strong lines! Contains over 150 foot of Invisible elastic thread by Steve Fearson


Vapr by Will Tsai and SansMinds Smoke From Hands


"You see the clouds in the sky? I made that with Vapr!"- Cyril Takayama The future of creating smoke from your bare hands is here. A precision engineered instrument, Vapr is the new standard for magic...


Out of stock

Elmers Rubber Cement

Magicians use Elmans Rubber Cement as a unique bonding tool allowing them to create many magical effects.

Once applied to two surfaces and let dry, the two will temporarily stick together in a very unique way and very useful for people who wish to start creating their own magic.


Latex Apple Top Quality

Latex Apples ideal for Magicians and Magic Tricks.

These Apples are extremely real imitations with a very similar colour and texture. You won't believe it's not a real Apple from less than 3 feet away!