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Mental Prediction Padlock - Mentalism

Mental Prediction Padlock - Mentalism

Mental Prediction Padlock - Mentalism
Mental Prediction Padlock - Mentalism
Mentalism Padlock Mind Reading Jieli
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Categories Mentalism & Mind Magic
Added 27/10/2012
With the Mental Prediction Padlock you can perform many mind reading effects only limited by imagination.

Effect 1
The magician shows a brass combination lock and asks a spectator to attempt to open it. After a few attempts is it proved to be genuine. Then without going near the lock and without knowing the spectator, he/she is asked for their year of birth. The spectator then attempts to open the lock using his/her birthday and the lock opens!

You find a married couple and ask them for their wedding rings. Both rings are then locked onto a combination lock. Anybody can attempt to open the lock without any luck. The magician then finds out the year they both were married and asks them to enter the 4 digit number into the combination which has been in full view from the start of the magic. The lock of course opens with the date and the rings are free.

The great thing about this padlock is that it can be unset or set to any year right in front of the spectators eyes and they won't have a clue.

The combination padlock is very well made and gimmicked to perfection.
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