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Amazing Lite Flite Instructional DVD by Perry Maynard - DVD

"This is a companion to the Amazing Lite Flite trick which must be purchased separately. The Amazing Lite Flight is NOT included with the DVD. The Amazing Lite Flite trick comes with detailed written ...


Amazing Lite-Flite (New Millenium Edition) by Perry Maynard - Trick


The magician reaches into his pocket and produces a small illuminate ball. On the magician's command, the ball starts to float in mid-air. As the ball is floating, the magician gives the ball...


Cartoon Caper trick

The Trick That Will Leave Them Looney!
The magician reaches into a pocket and pulls out a small leatherette wallet. Inside the wallet are three Looney Tune Playing Cards. The Magician takes out the t...


Deluxe Magic Set by Las Vegas Magic Company - Trick

"This is a companion to the Deluxe Magic Set Instructional DVD which must be purchased separately. The Deluxe Magic Set Instructional DVD is NOT included with this Set. The Deluxe Magic Set comes with...


Dynamite Dog trick

Dynamite Dog trick......


Instant Secret Formula Slush Powder - Trick


Includes 11 Easy To Do Effects! Including: Vanishing and Reappearing Silk Vanishing Liquid Dollar Bill in Jello Card in Jello Colored Liquids to Colored Silks Glass of Water on Head Something...


Rocco LIVE! at the Crazy Horse (2 DVD set) by Rocco - DVD

Rocco recently finished an engagement at the World Famous Crazy Horse in Paris, France. His highly acclaimed act features some of his greatest techniques and some never before seen effects. For the fi...


Rocco's Glass Dropper by Rocco Silano - Trick

The glass dropper is a cleverly designed utility device that Rocco uses to reach into his jacket and produce a wine glass of liquid in his routines. Detail...


Rocco's Glass Holder by Rocco Silano - Trick

The glass holder is a small metal clip that will hold a glass clipped to your waist so you can secretly steal it for a production. Rocco uses it to produce...


Rocco's Jumbo Link by Rocco Silano - Trick

From the creative minds of Rocco Silano and Perry Maynard

Five and a half inch jumbo safety pins link and unlink in visual and baffling ways right in fron...


Slydini Newspaper Tear (With DVD) by Rocco Silano - Trick

The magician displays an ordinary sheet of newspaper. He then proceeds to tear the newspaper into small pieces. The torn pieces magically unfold into a ful...


Ultimate Mind Control Deck by Perry Maynard - Trick


A freely examined deck is tossed to several members of the audience. Five of them freely select a card. The magician never touches the deck, yet can instantly identify each spectator's card! T...


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