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MagicWorld magic tricks manufacturer and exporter


Here at MagicWorld we do manufacture our own range of incredible magic tricks. We specialize in rare and unusual magic and escapology, as well as many general magical tutorial DVD's and magic sets.


Amazing Beginners Magic Tricks x 4 (Instant Download)

Learn the 4 amazing magic tricks displayed in the video above


Appearing Mini Magic Wand

This incredible little wand shrinks to the tiniest of sizes, and can easily be hidden in any hand. Then on the magician's command a whopping 50cm wand appears! Simply wonderful quality and with care will last a long time... but then again they're so cheap it won't hurt the bank to buy more!


Billiard Ball Holder for Manipulation

This is a fantastic ball or egg clip which aids you in doing lots of things. It is ideal for manipulations of billiard balls, and also ideal for the Egg on hte Fan effect (stealing the real egg). Also can be used with stealing a tomato to be loaded into a chop cup, and much more.


Out of stock

Cell Escape - The Real Secret

David De-Val is the only person on earth who knows the incredible secret of Houdini's famous Jail Escapes.


Never before has the secret been given away, UNTIL NOW!


£26.99 (save 23%)

Chase The Ace

This is the finest version of this stunning effect ever produced. With first class EASY to follow instruction by David De-Val.

No matter how hard they try, the spectators never find the ace of spades.


Clear Force Bag Heavy

This clear force bag has two transparent partitions resulting in three compartments instead of the usual one, allowing for the easy force for magicians. The edges at the top are not all the same level helping the magician to open the bag at any desired pocket without looking at the bag. Perfect for Stage and Mentalism Magic.


Easy Thumb-Tie Book

This fun filled routine can last for several minutes, and believe us it's EASY to perform. The magicians thumbs are securely tied with strong cord by members of the audience, (Yes, and very tightly indeed), yet hoops can PASS RIGHT THROUGH THEM ONTO THE PERFORMERS ARMS! At any time the thumbs can be enspected however they are clearly, still firmly tied together.


Euston Ted - (New) - Handmade

You've heard of Paddington Bear - Well let us introduce Euston, not from the same station, but possibly from another planet.
David De-Val created him, using him with tremendous success both in his children's and adult shows. He's the cheekiest, cutest, cleverest and certainly the most creative puppet ever to be released to the magical fraternity.


Flash 20 Euro Money Notes x 8

The pack contains 8 x 20 Euro notes are absolutely perfect for stage magic.

As soon as a naked flame touches these notes they will burn brightly and quickly in a really magical fashion.



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Flash 20 Pound Notes x 10


You will get 10 X Flash paper 20 pound notes


Out of stock

Flash 5 Pound Notes x 8


You will get 8 X Flash paper 5 pound notes


Flash Dollars 1 dollar bills

This pack includes 10 flash dollar bills, in the form of a 1 dollar bill. These bills are well printed, and perfect for stage magic. (single sided)


Out of stock