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Addict by Edo - DVD

The Ultimate Can Penetration

Addict is a revolutionary coin thru can penetration. A borrowed coin penetrates in an absolutely impossible manner a sealed can. The spectator can open the can and the c...


Batteries (Set of 2) for MiniMax by Edo - Trick

Replacement batteries for MiniMax.

Pack of 2 batteries....


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Minimax (Gimmick and DVD) by Edo - DVD

MINIMAX is the smallest and most sensitive electronic magnetic detector available today. It is so small that you can hide it in a Thumb Tip, below your watch, in your mouth, under your sleeve or you c...


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Refill for PyroFreak.

Note: This does not include Instructions....


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Strong Magnetic Casino Chip by Magicshop - Trick

This is a strong magnetic casino chip. It is a great accessory to use with a magnet or steel. It looks like a common Casino Chip but has a strong magnet inside. So it will attract other magnets or ste...


TSCTW (The Smallest Card Through Window) by Magicshop - DVD


Let a spectator choose absolutely free a card (no force) and let him sign the card. Now you rip off a corner of the signed card. You remove your watch and give it to the spectator to examine....