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Bending Credit Card James Ford & Magic Studio 51

The perfect ice-breaker! After this, you'll have them eating out of your hand!
Picture yourselves a scene; a beautiful unapproachable supermarket cashier is staring at you with a bewildered face, as ...


Bet on It Credit Card trick James Ford & Magic Studio 51

Ask a volunteer to pick a card from the deck, then return it and shuffle the deck. Standard far!
Now this is where things get interesting! Pull your Credit Card out of the wallet, pre...


Credit Card Monte by James Ford & Magic Studio 51 - Trick


This effect, if carried out correctly, will shake anyone's confidence in their logic as well as in their memory!

Flash-out your credit card, and your video membership card(V.M.) Display them...


Messy Business Credit Card trick James Ford & Magic Studio

Were you ever in a situation where you wanted to impress a sweet waitress in a pub, but every time she approached, you forgot your lines and your tongue got all dry? Here is the perfect solution:


No Credit by James Ford & Magic Studio 51 - Trick


Next time you check into a hotel, here's a little prank you can try on the desk clerk.

When he asks you for your credit card as insurance, ask him to feel the serial number on the card with ...


The End trick Koontz & Magic Studio 51

Literally Stop Time with this incredible effect! Take a borrowed watch from the crowd, and stop it dead cold on demand! You can stop and start the watch at will, amazing any audience. ...


The Mirage by Koontz, Haim Goldenberg, & Magic Studio 51 - Trick

The mentalist shows a medium-size board, and draws on it an 8-inch circle with a marker. This he calls, and Energy Circle.

A volunteer is asked to draw a drawing inside the Energy Circle. While the ...


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