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Comedy Card In Balloon by Quique Marduk - Trick

There are many versions of this funny trick, all of them with different endings, but this one is the classic, created many years ago.

A card is chosen and...


Fake Lemon by Quique Marduk - Trick

This special Fake Lemon is made of PVC and it is a great advantage, it is not painted, the color is forever, and heat doesn't hurt the material, like on latex.

With it, you can perform a lot of magic...


Human Slot Machine by Quique Marduk - Trick

This effect is based on a Jim Steinmayer trick, published in his excellent book "Conjuring Anthology". In spite of the substantial differences with the Jim...



Lemon Aid by Quique Marduk - Trick

This trick is based upon a Bert Douglas trick, and it's suitable for kids as well as for adult shows. Great for comedy parlor or stage performances.

The ...



Liquidate by Quique Marduk - Trick

Have you ever seen a "Water Monte" effect? Well, this one has everything you need to amaze your audience, with many subtleties, and an unexpected finale. I...


NO Card in Balloon! by Quique Marduk - Trick

A card is chosen and remembered by the spectator, then the magician shows a tray holding 3 colored balloons and explains that the selected card will appear...


Orange, Lemon, Egg & Canary Trick ( All Props & DVD) by Quique Marduk - Trick

This is a classic of magic that has been performed by David Copperfield, Tommy Wonder and Richiardi Jr among others.

The magician makes a real canary vanish into a handkerchief, and then he makes a l...


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Pick Pocket Lecture Notes by Quique Marduk

Pick Pocket Lecture Notes is a booklet on pick pocketing with techniques, routines, misdirection and new special psychological concepts and also ...


Poison by Quique Marduk - Trick

The magician shows four fabric bags standing on the table and explains that each bag is covering a glass and three of them have water, while only one contains poison, a very dangerous poison...

A mem...


Pro Mic Holder by Quique marduk - Trick

HelpfulElegantComfortableUse with any micFits in a pocket...


Russian Roulegg by Quique Marduk - Trick

A Russian Roulette with an egg, to be performed to any kind of audiences!
The magician shows 3 closed paper bags on the table, he puts an egg into a fourth bag and the bags are mixed up.
The magicia...


Seance Hand (LEFT) (Black Bag)by Quique Marduk - Trick

This is a very realistic fake hand to perform seance effects, unalterable, soft material. Its special design allows easily hold it on the edge of a rod. Available in Right or Left hand. No instruction...