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666 Mentalism by Howard Adams - Book

Howard Adams has been around for a LONG time, and his specialty is self working and mathematical magic and mentalism effects. I have no idea how his mind can generate these kinds of effect with this m...


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Bag Escape by Leaping Lizards - DVD

The effect is direct. The performer invites an audience member to examine a cloth bag made from a single piece of cloth, with seams sewn completely on each side. The performer asks to borrow a jacket,...


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Boxes, Cases and Crates by George Ledo - Book

George F. Ledo studied theatrical design at California State University Northridge and the University of Massachusetts at Amherst, then spent fifteen years in the architectural field as a designer, pl...


Brainstorm In My Pajamas by Ron Dayton - Book

Ronald Dayton's newest book, "Brainstorm In My Pajamas" a humorous title for one heck of an idea book. Ron Dayton is one of the most prolific mind in magic, and his alter ego- KOTAH as been popular on...


By Darkness Influenced by KOTAH and Ronald J. Dayton - Book

A unique and varied collection of magic, this 121-page book is best described by the following excerpt from the book's Foreword:

Though oceans of material flood from Mr. Dayton's prolific mind, the ...


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Cipher Speak (Two Person Code) by R.T. Stark - Book

A definitive two person code system based upon spoken SOUNDS, not specific words.

Includes a simplified starter system, cautions, historical data, performance rights, detailed tables, and more.



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Cousin Of All Book Tests by Leaping Lizards Magic - Trick

Welcome to the first volume in what is planned to be a three volume set of specialty force books/book tests. It combines various elements of things that have gone before in a way that has not been don...


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Dustin' It Off by Julie Sobanski and Dean Montalbano - Book

This book is the first in our magical appetizers series. This series will be dedicated to a set of small "idea" books and single effect manuscripts. The idea is to spark creativity or offer powerful c...


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Edge Of Reality By Ray Noble - Book

This book contains EFFECTS of the MIND that carry a one, two punch! They are effects especially designed with spectator participation and impact.

Five Effects for you to enjoy

Back to Back: P...


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Fidh Lan Stick (2 DVD Set) - DVD

What the heck are Fidh Lan Sticks?

Well, basically it is a method of doing readings that uses 4 small sticks.

Why do we get SO excited about these silly sticks? Well, lots of reasons. They are VIS...


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Finger Foods by Starke - Book

THe Unusual Close-up Stylings of R.T. Starke

A combination of some earlier work, and some other things that have not been published. Close-up magic, off beat thinking, EASY to do. Here are some of ...



Grandfather Stories Magic with a Native American Flair - by Ed Solomon - Book

As you probably already know, from the various titles we have released or from his regular column in Linking Ring Magazine, Ed Solomon has a real talent for weaving interesting or emotionally impactin...


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