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Bairn - The Brain Children of Ken Dyne - Book

Bairn - Ken Dyne

"Some of the most direct and stunning pieces of mindreading available on the market...Bairn is filled with powerful material." - MAGIC M...



Mr Golden Balls (Gimmicks and Online Instructions) by Ken Dyne - Trick

Ken's incredible Mr Golden Balls, totally re-vamped with the highest quality materials.

This is a real-world, professional routine from Ken's working act...


Ostimposter by Ken Dyne - Book

Ostimposter is Ken Dyne's revolutionary new approach to predictions.

Here are just some of the astounding effects that are possible, imagine if you will: ...



TETRAD TÊTE by Ken Dyne - Book

With little more than a pile of business cards and some pens, you are ready to perform a baffling mystery involving no more than ten members of your audien...