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Jig-Saw Jinks by

Jig-Saw Jinks by

Jig-Saw Jinks by
Jig-Saw Jinks by
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Categories Childrens Magic
Added 27/11/2012
Manufacturer MagicWorld

Children's entertainers are always on the outlook for flat, colourful effects to include in their kids shows. This one falls into that category.


"Hands up the boys and girls who are good at doing jig-saw puzzles?" asks the performer. A show of hands always go up, even though some might well be telling a lie or two!

From a fancy cloth bag, pieces of a bold and colourful jig-saw are withdrawn one by one, the magician looking rather puzzled. "I wonder what it will end up as" he further asks.

The performer opens a flat folder which becomes a stand onto which the pieces can be arranged. At first he can't get the pieces to fit and announces that he is not very good at doing jig-saw's. He then suggests that one of the children from the audience come up and help (the birthday child if at a birthday party). Because there are only five pieces the child is able to arrange the pieces against the backing area of the folder, which is propped up against the other props. One or two funny gags can be introduced here which we will discuss under patter presentation.

Basically, the jig-saw is taken apart and the pieces are dropped into the shown empty bag, the child assisting in this procedure. The flat folder is closed up but still on display.

All the children say the magic words and the assisting child waves the wand. When the bag is shown, it's empty... not a single jig-saw piece in sight! Where can the hig-saw pieces be? Upon opening the front of the folder, there, for all to see, is the return of the jig-saw, all in perfect order. The assisting child receives extra applause but all the children clap because they helped to 'do the magic'.

Comes complete with full instructions by Ian Adair

Jig-Saw Jinks by MagicWorld Magic Shop

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