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Assumption Swindle by Jack Tillar - Book

"This is precisely the type of material that every working mentalist is searching for. It is powerful, flexible and proven. It would be difficult to think of a demonstration that packed flatter or pla...


Blister Book by Jack Kent Tillar - Book

Once or twice every century, a new principle is discovered in our mystery field. In 1972, Jack Kent Tillar's Blister Effect was first published in Tarbell Volume 7. Harry Lorayne wrote, "As far as I k...


Duet by Jack Kent Tillar - Book

The EASY way to entertaining two-person mind reading. With an introduction by Francis Willard. 

No tedious codes or painful memory work! No electronics or impression devices! No apparatus o...


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Quartet 4 by Jack Kent Tillar - Book


For the mentalist who wants to perform close-up mentalism at a high level, with almost no props and little preparation, this is a treasure trove of useful material. I...


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Quintet 5 by Jack Kent Tillar - Book

5 Predictions For All Occasions - The Complete Collection

Jack Kent Tillar continues his acclaimed series covering more than five decades in the world of mentalism. This collection includes all of h...


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Septet by Jack Kent Tillar - Book

Super Powers fro Mentalists

If you've always wanted to become a psychic entertainer possessing appartently true super powers, using almost no props and little preparation, this book overflows with ma...


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Sextet by Jack Kent Tillar - Book

This is the complete collection of Jack kent Tillar's telephone, fax, and email routines --

All under one cover: Over tow dozen new long distance performance pieces! Insider professional tips on max...


Solo by Jack K Tillar - Book

This is required reading for the mentalist who wants to do corporate or high-end social party mentalism. It's filled and brimming over with brilliant and original routines! Over 30 new performance pie...


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Trio 3 by Jack Kent Tillar - Book

Three complete acts for the solo mentalist:


A Complete 30 Min. "No Prop" Mental Act Using No Gimmicks!

This remarkable act consists of 7 powerful impromptu effects which play BI...


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