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CHECKING by Lin Kim Tung & HimitsuMagic - Trick

You show a blank piece of paper on both sides, and instantly, it changes into real money! You can note that both hands are clearly empty at all times. This...


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Colorful by Jheng Cian Lin - Trick

"It is a powerful utility tool for a strong effect"
- Anson Lee

A single card changes its color for four times. Sounds amazing, right? What if I told yo...


£15.38 HALF PRICE!

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Dyeing by Himitsu Magic - Trick

A silk is shown and magically changes color with a single pass of the magician's hand. No reset necessary, easy handling, and easy reverse. This looks grea...



HEKATE by Himitsu Magic - Trick

If you think you have seen enough mentalism, HEKATE will change your mind and Blow your Mind! HEKATE is totally beyond your imagination. It's revolutionary...



Impossible ACAAN by Himitsu Magic - Trick

This is a multi-purpose magic prop that looks like a normal Post-It pad. But it can be used to perform many tricks. It is a very useful tool!!

The video ...



Infection by Himitsu Magic - Trick

Infection is more than just another Silk Change. With this prop, you can change fast and easy.

Features: Fast and Visual No DELAY Rechargeable Easy to ca...



Invisible Man by Himitsu Magic - Trick

Invisible Man: Mind Magic's Ultimate Weapon

Please be careful not to be deceived by the sweet and delicious name of Invisible Man.

Invisible Man is a k...


Knock Knock by Himitsu Magic - Trick

People get hurt when they are in danger, but magicians don't...

Effect: The performer takes out 5 boxes that cannot be seen through from a bag. And a thum...


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Know-Book by Himitsu Magic - Trick

The magician hands out a deck of cards to your spectator and has them shuffle the cards, then they choose a card at random. Without touching the deck the m...



Perfect Power Reel by Himitsu Magic - Trick

Perfect Power Reel animates a scarf in ways your audience has never seen!

It allows the scarf to quickly fly to and from parts of your body or hands, jus...



Rainbow by Kitty & Himitsu Magic - Trick

Seven Colors of Lights from Nowhere + Seven Colors of Roses = Splendid Rainbow Flowers

Imagine plucking different colored lights from the air, and tossin...



RINING by Wenzi Magic & Himitsu Magic - Trick

A ball changes to four (Multiplying Billiard Balls), Hopping Half, Cold Case, Cup and Bottle, Rubik's Dream...

When I lay down the names of these very fa...