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(L)Eye Detector by Harvey Raft - Trick

"Super Sensory Eye Contact Perception"

"What exactly is Super Sensory Eye Contact Perception?" This is the ultimate ability of highly trained individuals...


5,000,000 to 1 by Harvey Raft - Trick

A volunteer is asked to select a number from 1 to 5,000,000 (five million). Using his selected number, he is asked to determine a Zener ESP symbol. The per...


Card io graphics by Harvey Raft - Trick


Absolutely NO Memory Work!

Easy To Perform!

A Performance Maker!

A Show Stopper...


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Cents Ability by Harvey Raft - Trick

Purists may pooh-pooh the notion of using a marked deck of cards. But, for the layman it's the effect that matters, right? Definitely!

The creative magici...


Decksterity by Harvey Raft - Trick

A volunteer circles a playing card from a complete deck of fifty-two cards shown on a two sided 8.5" x 11" card. The performer determines which card the vo...


Dreamages Connection by Harvey Raft - Trick


The performer reveals the NAME, ADDRESS and TELEPHONE NUMBER in the most unusual and amazing method ever!



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Emmetropia by Harvey Raft - Trick


(Definition: Perfect Vision!)

Through the years the effects enjoyed most by magicians were close-up card and parlour magic primarily because ...


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Fourgone Conclusion by Harvey Raft - Trick

A deck of more than fifty IMAGE cards are shuffled by a volunteer. The performer makes a prediction. The volunteer is asked to separate the cards two at a ...


Inflection Detection by Harvey Raft - Trick

Super Sensory Hearing Perception

"What exactly is Super Sensory Hearing Perception?" This is the ultimate ability of highly trained individuals to obtain ...


Invision Harvey Raft - Trick

While the performer's back is turned, a volunteer is asked to circle an image of a playing card (from 52 different card images) on a laminated, 2-sided 8.5...


It Makes Cents by Harvey Raft - Trick

A set of cards with images of 1 to 10 coins of different values on the face are shown. A volunteer shuffles the cards and selects 1 to 5 cards and mentally...


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Retrospection by Harvey Raft - Trick

Marked cards have been used by many performers and magicians for a very long time. They believe that they are without any doubt one of the greatest tools e...