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1 800 Go Ghost by G Sparks - Trick

"The chosen card travels, ghost like into a card box, that comes to life." A CARD TRICK WITH REAL ANIMATION Enjoy the magic by G Sparks

Two gloss white c...


Airborne Clipo by G Sparks - Trick

"Now use a 12oz Coca-Cola Can for the Airborne Illusion."

With Sparks Clipo Gimmick, and a 12oz Coca-Cola can, you Float the Glass in Mid Air while the Liquid is Pouring.
Just clip on the gimmick an...


Airborne Close Up by G Sparks

"Double Whammy Influence, Two Tricks with one Great prop."

Airborne Gum Numb, "The Dentist gives you a Drink he calls, Gum Numb."
And the Cup is Floating in Mid-Air while the Liquid is Pouring.



Airborne Flower Power by G Sparks - Trick

"Three Great Effects in this Wonderful Airborne Routine."

You show a Single Stem Flower Vase holding a Lone Flower Stem.
Magically they Float Around.
Bringing the vase to rest, you add the secret in...


Airborne Party Glass by G Sparks - Trick

"Two Gimmicked Glasses for Twice as Much Fun."

Be The Life of The Party Airborne Options, Whiskey, Water or Wine You Never Go Down to the Glass with Spar...


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Airborne with the Greatest of Ease by G Sparks - Trick

One of the finest and simplest of stage illusions... the floating glass!
While talking to the audience, the performer casually pours liquid from a bottle held in his right hand into a glass hel...



Anytime Anywhere Milk by G Sparks - Trick

"A complete three trick routine." MILK APPEARS, FLOATS AND DIMINISHES VISUAL COMEDY MAGIC AT ITS BEST Enjoy the Magic by G Sparks

The Magic Milk Glass, t...


Bang! The Bullet Catch by G Sparks - Trick

"The Best Bang for your Buck."

Bang! Bullet is a 357Mag Nickel Plated Brass Shell and will not Tarnish Slug is a Full Copper Jacket for No Exposed Lead New Method for a Real Loud Bang! A Great Cabar...



Blast Off by G Sparks

"Blast Off adds a magic bang & flash to any close-up wonder."THIS REALLY DOES PACK SMALL AND PLAY BIGEnjoy the magic of G Sparks

A 1980 vintage, spark...


Bottled Spirits by G Sparks - Trick

A Miser's Dream Routine using five USA Half Dollars a glass and a 50ml bottle,with Dia Vernon's coin to glass move and Spark's adaptation of the Kellar coin catch.We supply the Miser's Dream Bottle an...


Bullet Catch 22 by G Sparks - trick

The most dangerous trick in the world!!!
"It`s a wonderful idea and a clever trick."
- Paul Harris -
You display a bullet. Then, while demonstrating the danger of...


Bullet Catch 22 Limited Edition by G Sparks - Trick

These Limited Editions of 70 each, are the Complete Tricks with the following Special Features:Packaged in a White Food to go Chinese Box Hand Numbered and Signed, inside top of box, by G Sparks Print...