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Coin Box Killers by Doug Brewer - Book

Stand-up Routines for the Coin Worker's Favorite Prop

Each one of these routines has a unique need or presentation built into them. For example, the first three routines, Wile E. Coyote Coin Box, Tr...


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Half And Half - Volume 1 by Doug Brewer - DVD

Practical Magic for the Working Performer!

Ultimate (?) Wild Coin Routine
History Production: A devilishly clever way to produce 3 coins while ringing in a gaff. Ultimate (?) Wildcoin: Doug's handlin...


Half And Half - Volume 2 by Doug Brewer - DVD

Practical Magic for the Working Performer!

Stand-up and Be Counted Routine

Coin Catch: How do magicians play catch? Based on Fred Kaps Coins & Silk routine. Simplified and amazin...


Red Light by Doug Brewer - DVD

Doug Brewer is back with more of his favorite miracles with coins. This time it's RED LIGHT - Magic to Make Them Stop in Their Tracks! All the material is suitable for walk-around or stand-up environm...


Unexpected Visitor Vol. 1 by Doug Brewer - DVD

This adaptation of Doug Brewer's best-selling book is a fantastic collection of coin magic for the walk-around performer.

Sounds Familiar: Coins across to the spectator's hand. A killer transpositi...


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Unexpected Visitor Vol. 2 by Doug Brewer - DVD

Another Visit From The Unexpected

Developed, tested and refined for maximum audience impact in Every Situation!

11 tricks fully explained
Coin magic for every situation

Visual Copper Silver Brass:...