Dirty Pool by Michel Huot - Trick

Dirty Pool by Michel Huot - Trick

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A Mind-Blowing Trick Shot

"Spectator's brain...corner pocket!"
- Richard Sanders


The magician shows 15 cards, each with a different billiard ball printed on the face. A spectator is asked to "rack the balls", dealing the cards randomly onto the table in a triangle pattern. The magician and spectator then engage in an unusual game of pool, each taking shots and eliminating cards as they go, until only one card remains-let's say it's the 9 ball. The magician states that he has a prediction in his card case, which been resting on the table from the outset. He picks up the case, then shakes it gently, whereupon A FULL-SIZE BILLIARD BALL FALLS OUT! It is, of course, THE 9 BALL!

Comes complete with 15 billiard-ball cards, printed in full color, a carry wallet, and a regulation billiard ball, plus Michel's full routine, written by David Acer!
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