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Blindfold (Ungimmicked Polyester) - Trick

Universal Blindfold for any mentalist's routine. This is a standard and universal Blindfold that can be used in many routines. It is a one size fits all. Just slide the elastic bands around your head ...


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Grillz by David Leon Productions - Trick


David brings to you the newest, ultimate card to mouth effect. Street tested and proven!

A card is selected and put back into the deck; the deck is cut and shuff...


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Intuition (With Cards and DVD) by Hondo and David Leon Productions - DVD

"The best (BEEP)ing prediction at any number I have ever seen!"
- Keith Barry, Professional Magician.

There are many great routine possibilities, this is just one example!


The Magician lay...


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Scents Of Smell by David Leon Productions - Trick

Is your magic show boring or not funny?
Want to add a fantastic, a laugh a minute, complete routine to your show?

Well there's great news for you!

Introducing David Leon's Scents of Smell

David wa...


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