Coin Magic

Coin Magic

Coin Magic
A collection of the finest coin magic tricks available, all made to perfection.



Coin Unique £1 Pound and Penny

Coin Unique is a precision made miracle which can be performed completely impromptu, and there is also no skill or sleight of hand involved whatsoever.


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Coins Sleights 101 DVD

Tod Buchanan instructs you on the basics of sleight of hand with coins. You'll use this sleight of hand over and over. Learn the Valuable French Drop, vanish or produce and coin any time, four methods to palm a coin: Classic, Thumb, Finger, and Back Palms! Also, The Slap and Flash Appearances: Toss, Roll-Over Vanish, Pass Vanishes, and more!


Coinvexed 3rd Generation (DVD and Gimmick) by David Penn

"The Final Answer In Coin Bending!" Morgan Strebler

When David Penn released his Coinvexed coin bending gimmick, it established itself as the number one choice for professional magicians and mentali...


Contractor by Russell Leeds DVD & Gimmicks


An Underground magician known only as Russell Leeds is hired by a covert organisation, 'Wizard FX Productions', to fry spectators with his amazing coin magic.


Double Sided 10 Pence Heads Version

Double sided 10p comes with a simple routine that can be performed impromptu and without slights.

A big favourite for golfers! Maybe they do magic as well.


Double Sided 10 Pence Tails Version

Double sided 10p comes with a simple routine that can be performed impromptu and without slights.

A big favourite for golfers! Maybe they do magic as well.


Dynamic Coins

Magically Produce a stack of 10 pence pieces. The coins then proceed to Vanish, Multiply, and even penetrate SOLID BRASS!

Perfect for the beginner in magic... Really Easy


Expanded 2 Pence Shell

This is a beatifully manufactured 2pence shell that fits perfectly over any regular 2pence.

Ideal for the coin matrix, or for use with the RAVEN to change the 2pence into say a 10pence on your spectators hand!


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Expanded Shell Silver Half Dollar (D0003) by Tango

Four Silver Half Dollar coins are borrowed from the audience and held in the Magician's left hand. The coins then travel, one coin at a time, from the left hand to the right hand. In this package you will find a finely crafted gimmicked coin set produced by Tango Magic.


Folding 10p Magic Trick (COIN IN BOTTLE)


Ever wanted to perform coin in a bottle trick or rip a coin in half and then restore it again.

Well now you can with this simple but effective illusion.

Complete with instructions and spares that will keep your audience entertained and baffled for years.

This mini illusion can be performed over and over again and is instantly reusable.


Gravity Flipper Coin 50 Pence


1 coin can be shown as 2 and placed flat on a table, It can then be picked up as 2 coins or as 1. Gravity flippers can be opened and closed wth 1 hand and will lay flat when open and will self close with just a flick of the wrist.


Hopping Halves - Returning Coins UK Version

This trick is a classic but normaly in U.S Dollars Now available in U.K Format 2p and a 10p

Very little skill and no slight of hand needed to perform this trick.

A 10p and a 2p is seen in your hand and you remove 1 coin and place it in your pocket.

When your hand is opened the coins have returned ,again you take 1 coin out and put it in your pocket and again it returns. This happens 4 times then you show 2 coins in your hand remove 1 put it in your pocket ,open your hand and you have none leaving you clean.

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