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Childrens Magic

Childrens Magic

Childrens Magic
If you are a childrens entertainer, then you are IN THE RIGHT PLACE!

Here you will find some of the most unique childrens magic tricks on the market today.


Marvin's iMagic Interactive Box of Tricks - Trick

Combining traditional magic secrets with the latest technology. Offering the next level in astonishing illusion, interactive play and mind blowing entertai...


Marvin's Magic Bag Of Tricks

The Amazing Bag of Tricks includes an exclusive rucksack and a DVD loaded with the coolest collection of Mind-Blowing Magic Tricks and stunts! Perform the most amazing Mind-Blowing Magic ever! Suitable for aged 8 - adult.


Kitty Kat Kapers by David De-Val

Kitty the cat is very sad because she has lost her beautiful coloured ribbon. Could that naughty little mouse have anything to do with it? The mouse suggests that he has an idea. Why not get all the children to magically help put things to rights. 5 different coloured pretty ribbons are shown on an attractive display board, each with it's own price tag attached.


Jig-Saw Jinks by

Children's entertainers are always on the outlook for flat, colourful effects to include in their kids shows. This one falls into that category.


Essentials in Magic Sponge Balls - DVD

The Essentials in Magic™ collection gives you the opportunity to enjoy one-on-one instruction from Daryl, the Magician's Magician™. Internationally known and respected as one of the world's finest...


Finger Mouse White

A cute white mouse that seems to come alive. Partly cover the mouse with the other hand, and the mouse appears to scamper out. Stroke the mouse with the other hand, and it seems to wriggle out. Move the hands up over the body, and the mouse seems to crawl up the body. Practice the simple manipulation, and the mouse comes alive with a life of its own. A pet that is sure to please the audience, and charm the kids, and one you will never have to feed!


Out of stock

Marvins Magic Hat Full of Tricks

Includes professional magic tricks and routines to astound friends and family. Magic tricks include Deluxe Cups and Balls, the Incredible Appearing Card on Rope, Vanishing Dice Illusion and much, much more!

Young magicians really can pull a rabbit out of a hat! A deluxe magic pop-up top hat you can wear, plus a cute appearing rabbit assistant. The adorable glove puppet rabbit even performs amazing magic tricks with you!

For magicians aged 6-106.


Rocky Raccoon by Magic Masters

The Rocky Raccoon is a life like spring animal which can build you a HUGE reputation in an instant! He sits up, eats from your cupped hand, nods yes or no... and jumps from your hands and even boogies to his favorite tunes.


Out of stock

Clear Force Bag Heavy

This clear force bag has two transparent partitions resulting in three compartments instead of the usual one, allowing for the easy force for magicians. The edges at the top are not all the same level helping the magician to open the bag at any desired pocket without looking at the bag. Perfect for Stage and Mentalism Magic.


BreakAWay Fan

During your act you show a glorious fan that you explain is extremely magical and expensive, and the utmost care must be used when using this fan. Then you get a child out of the audience who believes he will treat it with the respect it deserves. But Whenever he fans it out in the show, it always ends up BREAKING!!! Creates Great Laughs!


3D Rabbits by Goshman

Now you can perform the classic multiplying rabbit routine with a wonderful new set of sponge bunnies from Goshman.

Comes with 5 "baby" rabbits and 3 "adult" rabbits with instructions written by Michael Ammar.


Freaky Body Illusions - Trick

"You wont believe your eyes, ears, hands or feet!" Marvin's Magic has collaborated with some of the best magicians and illusionists from around the world to produce some innovative and highly visual i...