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Cerberus Wallet by Daniel Meadows -

Cerberus Wallet by Daniel Meadows -

Cerberus Wallet by Daniel Meadows -
Cerberus Wallet by Daniel Meadows -
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Cerberus Wallet by Daniel Meadows


Cerberus has everything the modern Mentalist needs packed into a small everyday leather wallet, only a little bigger than a deck of cards. If you're still looking for an everyday wallet that incorporates a great peek & load system, holds your business cards and will actually fit in your front pocket easily, then you've finally found it! Never get caught unawares again. With Cerberus at your side - just 'Unleash the Hound'!

Named after the mythical three-headed guardian of the underworld, the Cerberus Wallet is a descendant of a Jaks Wallet, but adapted and upgraded so it can be used like an everyday store-bought wallet. The best part? The Cerberus Wallet is a monster by name, but not by nature. It actually fits in your front trouser pocket!

What features does the Cerberus Wallet have?

  • Bills and notes can be carried like a normal wallet (All US, UK & Euro paper money fit)
  • 5 credit card pockets & 2 utility pockets
  • Driver's License window
  • Internal & External Peek System
  • Out-to-lunch System
  • 8 Card Index System (Business card sized)
  • Card to Wallet: Load & Steal System (Business card or folded playing card)
  • Use as platform for secret writing

What does the wallet look like?
Built from the ground up in high quality black leather, this feature-packed tri-fold wallet is a real 'all-in-one' utility item, just without the usual size.

How do I learn what to do with the Cerberus Wallet?
On the accompanying DVD, Daniel Meadows shows that Cerberus' bite more than matches its bark as he walks you through all the features of the wallet, runs through some example routines, and suggests further reading for some great Cerberus-compatible effects!

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4 Most useful customer reviews
Mike Fuller

Mike Fuller Confirmed Purchase

Feb 11, 2015

This is a beautifully made and well designed mentalist's wallet. Daniel credits the manufacture to Tony Curtis and is exhaustive in crediting all the ideas he details in the accompanying 45 minute dvd that runs through the Cerberus Wallet's many uses.
The wallet is small and can even fit in a shirt pocket yet it contains a number of well designed features as well as containing your credit cards, notes and bits for daily use.
It is certainly one of the best wallets I have in terms of its simplicity but versatility.

Advantages: A range of different peeks, out to lunch and loads and switches plus index system are included in a very natural way into the wallet. Only close examination is likely to reveal anything and this should suit me well for daily use. A real plus for me is that the credit card slots really take the full card, something even non magical wallets often don't.
This is really well made and ordinary looking.

Disadvantages: Depth for the index is a bit limited if you use business cards rather than billets.
Daniel has tried to keep this wallet small which means that I need to wait and see how this wears and holds up in daily use stuffed with the usual tat I carry. It should become more flexible with use but it is too early to say that it does. This is a reservation rather than a disadvantage and why I've not yet given this five stars. If it wears and flexes well (as the quality suggests it should) then I'll be really delighted. At the moment I'm very pleased with the wallet.
If you want a good card to wallet there are better and this isn't really intended for that. If you want a good everyday wallet to use for mentalism this should be it.
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Alan Rorrison

Alan Rorrison Confirmed Purchase

Feb 20, 2015

"Wallets, As magicians we love the bloody things...Looks like I've finally found one that does ALL I need and more. I've switched from the Real Man's Wallet to this. Good work Daniel Meadows!"
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Stuart Philip Official Review on

Stuart Philip Official Review on Confirmed Purchase

Mar 14, 2015

"I used to carry the Real Man's Wallet as my every day wallet, then I met the Cerberus Wallet. The Cerberus is now my every day wallet. It is a top-notch tri-fold wallet that can fit in your pants pocket. No expense was spared in the materials used and in the manufacturing. Compared against top quality "normal" wallets, the Cerberus will rank just as high".
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Ewen Wilson

Ewen Wilson

Mar 7, 2015

Got to agree with everything that Mike has said, my wallet arrived this morning and my Stealth is now empty. Like Mike I have given the wallet 4 stars until I see how it stands up to regular use but I really don't have any immediate concerns. Congratulations Daniel this really deserves to be a winner.

Advantages: Its size, versatilty and the numerous tools that it provides for any serious mentalist. Your money goes in the "proper" place which looks more natural and allows for easier every day use.

Disadvantages: Absolutely none that I can see so far.
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