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After The Force Book (& DVD inside) Ron Frost

Ron Frost Finally reveals some of his favorite methods, moves, and effects using the Classic Force. The effects listed in this book are time-tested effects that Ron Frost still uses in his act today....


£20.25 (save 49%)

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Best Stand Up Routines by John Rogers - DVD

The Camirand Academy of Magic is proud to present two exceptional stand-up routines from the professional repertoire of award-winning magician John Rogers.



Chain Gang (With Chain and Bag) by Marc DeSouza - DVD

The Chain Gang brings an old street scam to the level of magic.

Chain Gang is a killer routine, right out of a professional entertaining, interactive routine that you can learn fast a...


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Chameleon Knives by Joe Mogar - DVD

This long-awaited 95-minute DVD finally reveals Joe Mogar's lifetime of knowledge on the development and performance of the Color Changing Knives! A near-encyclopedic work, it contains 37 moves and 12...


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Cigarette Through Quarter (US Quarter Only) - DVD

Considered by many to be THE finest version of one of close-up magic's most memorable effects, The Paul Bélanger Cigarette Through Quarter (which can also be performed with a rolled bill) is finally ...


Class Act - Tony Binarelli book by Ouellet

In Italy, the word "magic" is synonymous among the general public with the name Tony Binarelli. Throughout the continent, he is respected among his peers for his creative and entertaining magic. Now, ...


Classic Studebaker by Peter Studebaker - DVD

The Magic of Peter Studebaker

Featuring -

The definitive handling on Torn and Restored Cigarette Paper.
Lotto Cash, the logical paper to money effect that will draw gasps.
Chicago Universal, the ...


Close-up Illusions book Gary Ouell

This far reaching and influential work contains many magical masterpieces including Gary's Touch Force, his Paradise Counts, his remarkable work on the Kosky change, some unbelievable coin concepts, a...


Comedy 101 by Mark Tripp - DVD

The classics of magic are classic for a reason... THEY ENTERTAIN!

Mark Tripp is a master of magic presentation in the tradition of masters like Karell Fox and Billy McComb. Actually in their footste...


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Control Freak Oliver Macia, DVD

Experience new and totally invisible methods of card control from France's award-winning magical entertainer Olivier Macia, along with seven devilish routines performed live in the V.I.P. tent at the ...


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Dark Card trick


This one is a dynamite fooler!

A card is choosen from a red-backed deck and signed across the face, then returned to the pack. The magician snaps his fingers over the deck, whereupon it is s...


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Deadlock by Patrick Reymond and David Acer - Trick

Three Miracles For The Price of One!

Unlock the Secret


Imagine this!... The magician introduces a padlock, opens it, then borrows a ring from a spectator. The ring is threaded onto the...


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