Bunny Box (Professional) by Wood Crafters - Trick

Bunny Box (Professional) by Wood Crafters - Trick

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Added 04/02/2013
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The performer shows a slate in which he sketches an outline of a bunny. The sketch is placed into a box. The box is shown to contain nothing except for the slate. The door is shut and a member of the audience is asked to come forward and assist in making real magic. A wand is waved, the classic words are spoken "abracadabra"... the door on the box is opened and to the amazement of the audience of real bunny has appeared! This Illusion is great for producing; bunnies, stuffed toy animals, rabbis puppets, etc.

Includes painted wooden bunny box, chalk and instructions sheet.

Dimensions Approximately: 13" x 10" x 8"
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